Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy (early) Birthday To Me!

Some of my friends and I got together for an early birthday dinner.
Destination...Olive Garden. I got totally spoiled. My friends know me so well. I got candles, a necklace, perfume, and a ton of other things. Thank you so much everyone.Donna, Etsuko, DeonMe, Kendra, SusanWe had a great dinner and it was wonderful to sit and chat. Thank you Deon for setting everything up. You are the BEST!After dinner Deon and I decided to catch a movie. Unfortunately, we went and saw this...Don't spend your money on this movie. There were a few cute/funny parts but it was so cheesy. I loved hanging out with Deon though, so it was worth it.
Here we are in an empty theater.

Deon and I were the only two people in the theater (this should have tipped us off that this movie was not going to be a winner). I thought it was totally awesome. We could talk as loud as we wanted and laugh as loud as we wanted. However, when the movie first started, I have to admit it was a little scary. We kept hearing noises so we had to look around to make sure no one was in the theater with us that we hadn't noticed before. No one was there. Then a scary Coke-a-Cola commercial came on and I quickly had to put my feet up on the chair in front of me because I was sure something was going to grab me by the ankles. By this point Deon and I were holding hands or maybe she was just squeezing me..I can't be sure. All I know is we were terrified. Finally the commercial was over and the movie started and we got over our initial fear. But as soon as the movie was over and the credits were rolling we heard other strange noises. You know how theater seats spring up after you get up? Well that is what one of the seats did. I kid you not. It was as if someone had just stood up and the chair banged closed. No one was there though. It was so scary. We quickly ran, not walked, out of the theater.

We had a great time though. Thanks for being my movie buddy Deon!!


Auntie Romi said...

Thanks for making my little sis so happy ladies. She loves you and you make her life more beautiful!

Deon said...

Thanks for letting us go out for your birthday I know you didn't want to at first!!! WE love you and it was so much fun to Celebrate YOU!!!! And thanks for humoring me and going to a movie with me!!! (I can't believe how far behind on your blog I Was after three weeks! You are so good at keeping it up todate!!!)