Friday, June 19, 2009

SYTYCD/Bday Dessert

I have the best friends.
Last night we got together to watch the So You Think You Can Dance result show and they all sang 'happy birthday' to me and I even got to blow out a candle (the only one I had this year, by the way).
Analisa, me, Stephanie, Rachel,
Mandy, Karen, Jenn.
Ashley was taking the picture and Heather showed up later and...
yes, I really am that short.
Ashley and Analisa
We had delicious strawberry shortcake.

Thank you so much for getting together and continuing my birthday fun. You guys are awesome.


I was o.k. with last nights results. I really thought Ashley was super cute and Maksim was great. The problem is they are all really good so it is sad when anyone goes home. I was just glad that Kupono and Jason weren't voted off. I would have been very, very sad.


Suzanne said...

everyone looks short standing next to stephanie! i'm sorry i couldn't make it, i really wanted to come! i'm glad you had a good birthday!!

Deon said...

FUN I am glad you let people celebrate YOU! because you deserve it!!!