Thursday, June 18, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance (performance show #2)

Last night was good but nowhere near as good as the first performance show.

My favorite dance was the contemporary one with Karla and Jonathan. I loved the choreography. It was beautiful.I am a little worried for Philip. If he goes home tonight I will be livid. He did a good job (for a hip hop guy)...I thought. He had a hard dance that is nothing even close to what he is used to doing. I guess that is the whole point of the show though. Hopefully enough people voted for him. I will have my fingers crossed.

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MommaDonna said...

So bummed, missed most of the dances b/c of scouts, but it looked like I didn't miss to much. Bummed about the guy that got voted off :( But it's such a tough season, it seems to come down to the luck of the draw with dance style.