Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Beau is doing fabulous!! Last nights visit was incredible! He is at home for the time being, and it seems to have worked wonders. As soon as I saw him, yesterday, I knew my brother was back. He sat up and was able to carry on a little conversation. He was laughing and joking. It was wonderful. He even got up to use the bathroom. He has to walk with a walker but it was so nice to see him out of bed. He doesn't really remember anything from the hospital...which is probably good. It is sad, however, because now that he is coherent he knows what happened to him and he is scared to death. He is aware that he has a mass on his brain and they don't know what it is. He told us last night that he has been having really bad headaches for about 6 years. So who knows how long it has been growing. Because it is so large I am sure it has been growing for a long, long time. I am hoping that the meeting today with the doctors will give him some much needed answers. I am sure they will be exploring his brain soon. For now he is on 9 different medications. Some of them are for his pain and nausea and others are anti-seizure medications. He is also taking steroids to help bring down the swelling in his brain. His wife Melissa is AMAZING!! Not only did she save his life but she has been his nurse and constant companion. Words can not describe how thankful I am for her and everything she has done, and continues to do, for my little brother. Thank you so much Melissa!


Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

oh that is so great to hear. i'm sure he has a long road ahead but it sounds like it will definitely have a happy ending. we'll keep praying.

Auntie Romi said...

Melissa is my hero! I am so proud of Beau because I can see how hard he is working to recover and how exhausting it is. This little family will make it through this, together!

MommaDonna said...

Wow, his turn around is amazing! Bad headaches for 6 years, yikes. I'll keep praying for his continued healing. Stay strong sister!!!