Friday, July 17, 2009

Just Bounce...Again

We traveled to The Bouncy Place, again, this week with all of the kiddos.
They were having a blast.
Big boys
Did we leave The Bouncy Place unscathed?
Oh no!!
We had a few tragedies...

and a few stomping off and pouting sessions.

We had a "talk to the hand" and a "don't look at me".

We encountered three casualties (all to an elbow) and two band aids.

I guess when you take 8 kids somewhere you are bound to have a few things go wrong. They had a great time though. The Bouncy Place is the best!!
It was 86 degrees when we stepped outside so as soon as we got in the car all of the boys had to take off their shirts.
Ahhhhhhh...that's better.

Taco Time!
They don't have a Taco Time in San Diego so every time Rocky is in town we usually eat there 4 or 5 times. We asked Riley where she wanted to eat. She said Taco Time of course. Like mother like daughter.
Don't worry, I ate a taco for you Rocky.

What a great day! And it isn't even over with.

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