Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I "Hate" The Bouncy Place

While Chance, Sophie, Riley, Coby, and Malachi were with Grandpa in Portland, Romi and I took the younger kids to The Bouncy Place.They love The Bouncy Place.
Isaiah had a little meltdown near the end of our 1 hour "jump". He threw himself on the slide and wouldn't move. Romi and I had to hold back our giggles.

You can tell from this photo that he was really working hard at being upset...for a second.

He convinced Romi to jump with him for a while.


Then he recovered and went with his cousins.

For some reason Lucas was mad while we were getting our shoes on and getting ready to leave. We asked Gunnar and Isaiah what happened and they had no idea...and Lucas wasn't talkin'. This is what he did the entire, and I mean entire, way home. He is very persistent. Once again, Romi and I had to stifle our laughs.

He told us he "hated The Bouncy Place" and never wanted to go back.A great song came on the radio and the other two boys started dancing. We thought for sure this would liven Luke up but he wasn't budging.

He pouted the entire way home and refused to go to lunch with us. We wound up having to take him back to Grandma's house.
We hope you have recovered Lucas. We missed you at lunch.
At least you are still as cute as ever when you pout.

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Auntie Romi said...

This was a hilarious post Jaime. I laughed out loud almost as hard as I did as it was happening!