Sunday, July 12, 2009

Surprise Riley!

Sunday night we had a BBQ at Romi's. Riley didn't know this but it was actually a surprise birthday party for her.
Riley and PiperGrandma and GrandpaPiper and RomiChi and DanChance loves his cousin Piper.

Me and my daddy.
Coby playing basketball with Piper.

Malachi got a brand new outfit and we was modeling it for us.
Awesome jeans Chi!

When dinner was wrapping up Romi told Sophie to get Riley and go upstairs. We all gathered our presents and Romi brought out the cake...

Riley was so excited!

"Thank you aunt Jaime".
Chance is getting so old.The three boys were playing so hard that I didn't see much of them the entire night.Beau with his precious daughter.Love from Aunt Romi.John cutting the cake.Piper is learning to walk.
So proud of herself...

We LOVE you cousin Riley.
Happy Birthday!!

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