Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Baby Tyler!

We are lucky that we get to spend so much time with Tyler.
The boys are having a blast helping me take care of him.

Gunnar got a little "Doctor Kit" that he had been using on all of his stuffed animals. He was so excited to try it out on a real baby.
Tyler had a great heartbeat.

He did need one shot, however.

He was a trooper and didn't even cry. He did have to bite his hand to stifle a slight scream.

Love from Coby.
Tyler, you are the best!

I took a dozen pictures of Tyler today (imagine that). This one was my favorite...I think. He is so cute it is hard to choose.


Auntie Romi said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! He is growing so fast and is absolutely GORGEOUS. What a sweet little baby. He is lucky to have so many people loving him.

Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh you take the best pictures. I was just thinking today how very blessed we are to have you to take care of Tyler when I'm working. You are so wonderful and Tyler and I love you very much!!

Deon said...

What a lucky little guy!!! Your boys are soo good with kids!!!