Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rocky, Beau, Taco Time, and Dorks

We got to pick up Rocky and Jory from the airport today. We are so excited they are joining Riley here in Washington. It is nice to finally have all of our family here, together, least for a while. Jory RaeRiley and Sophie were so happy.I am so glad you are here Rocky. I missed my sissy! First stop... meeting Piper and seeing Beau.
This was the first time Rocky got to meet Piper.
Piper loved her right away.

How could you not?

It was wonderful to see Beau today. He looks a little drugged (which he is) but he is looking great. He was able to sit up and talk with us for a long time.
Piper wasn't sure why so many people were at her house. Piper looks so much like Beau.

The beautiful couple.

All of the girl cousins (including Piper) together for the first time.

After our visit with Beau the, obvious, next stop was...
Taco Time of course.
Before we even made it home from the airport we had to get a taco.
Oh, and crustos...

Rocky, and Riley, could now head home.

We picked up Gunnar from grandma's house. He was so excited to see his cousin Jory and Aunt Rocky.Self portrait time... DORKS!!What will tomorrow hold?

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Deon said...

It must be so nice to have your sister here I know how much you miss her! Hopefully you are able to enjoy your time together