Tuesday, July 7, 2009

American Idol '09

Romi, and I got American Idol tickets for Mother's Day this year. We were so excited for the big day. It wouldn't have been complete without Sophie... so she came to.

We started our evening at a Mexican restaurant in Milton. It is Sophie's favorite and it was delicious.

I have never worn RED lipstick but I was wearing RED shoes with a black and white shirt. I had no RED accessories. So I went with RED lipstick. I thought it was awful and I was going to remove it but Romi made me keep it on.

At least it matched.

I had no idea where we were sitting. As we entered the building and headed towards our seats we just kept going...and going...and going.

Until we were so close I didn't think these could possibly be our seats. They were!The only people who were in front of us were the people you see behind us in the picture below. There were about 5 rows of seats on the floor and we were sitting in the very first raised seats. No one was in front of us and we could reach out and almost touch the stage. It was amazing. Thanks to Dan we had the best seats in the house.

Thank you so much Dan!!We were so excited for the show to start. First up was...

#10He had the best stage presence and he has a great voice. Because we were so easily seen from the stage we got him to wave and point at us. From that point on we were determined to get every performer to do the same.
That is how close we were.

She was beautiful but her voice sounded awful.
We got a wave from her though.

#8Scott sounded better than he ever did on the show. He was great. He is such a talented musician. As we were watching him sing I looked over and standing right next to me was his brother. Isn't that cool? He must travel with him. You could just see from his smile how proud he was of him. So sweet.
We knew Scott couldn't see us so whenever he faced our direction we screamed really loud and eventually he pointed at/near us. So far we got the first three people to point/wave at us. We were doing good.

I thought she was going to be a wonderful performer...not so much. Her voice didn't sound that great and she didn't have very good stage presence. I was surprised.
However, we did get a wave.

#6 Anoop surprised me a little. He was absolutely amazing. He can DANCE and he is so entertaining. I loved him on the show but he was even better live. His voice is phenomenal.
Even though Anoop was great with the audience we never got him to wave at us. We were so sad.

#5He is still my favorite. He sounded so good. I got a little bit of him recorded. The sound isn't that great but he was spectacular. I LOVE him!!
And yes, we got our wave.

#4 Wow! She is good! I was sad she didn't sing Heart or Pat Benatar but she was fun. She is a great entertainer.
We got a wave.

#3 Danny can sing!
He is also a great speaker. He gave a speach about going for your dreams no matter what happens. I like him a lot.
He waved at us!

I thought Adam was going to have the performance of the night. NOPE!! He was weird. Totally strange. Don't get me wrong, he has a great voice but he is uuummm, I don't know. Before his grand entrance everyone was screaming and yelling and standing up and going crazy. Halfway through the first song people started to sit down and look a little confused. It was odd. He sang a few songs I have never heard and they were just strange. He danced crazy and he NEVER connected with the crowd. There is no denying though, he is an amazing singer.
He waved in our direction.
These were Romi's feelings about Adam...As you can see from people around us...they were also a little taken aback. Adam was the only performer to use...That was cool.

Then Allison came out for the "Slow Ride" song. It was really good.
Coby's favorite song... Chris is simply amazing. I love his voice. I am so glad he won and he is darling! I will definitely be buying his c.d. when it comes out.
He pointed in our general direction but not really at us.
After Chris's performance they all came out and sang together.
Quick wardrobe change and some bubbles.Overall it was a fabulous concert. I loved it and we had amazing seats. I can't wait until next year.


Karla said...

I am SOOOOO jealous!! I got chills reading your post! Will and I would have loved to go! Maybe next year! :)

Interesting about Adam. We were Kris fans from the get go though! Would you believe it if I told you that we called a total of 32 times to vote for Kris on that final night?? HA! That may not be a HUGE # for some Idol fans, but for us, that's near obsessive!

Glad that you, Romi and Sophie had a great time! You all looked beautiful as always! The red shoes and lips looked fantastic!! :)


Suzanne said...

wow, looks like SO much fun! i have to say i LOVE the red shoes, and i thought the lipstick looked perfect! :o) i can't believe how close you were!

Auntie Romi said...

That was an awesome post Jaime, I loved reliving it. I still can't believe our seats. My husband is the man :-)

Your pictures of the performances are fantastic. It is hard to believe they are really from our seats at the actual concert. I will always remember this night together with my favorite girls. It was awesome.

And it must be said...where were you Rocky?!?!?? I will never stop.