Sunday, July 26, 2009

MMA Cagesport

For Father's Day I got John tickets to the MMA event at the Emerald Queen Casino. Last night was the big night. I think I was more excited than he was. We got on our MMA attire and headed to the casino. John in front of the "octagon". Though I think this one only had 6 sides. It seemed a lot smaller than the UFC "octagon"/cage They had some really great fights. I was thinking that it might be lame live...I couldn't have been more wrong. It was AWESOME!!

We had great seats and we were able to see, almost, everything. When they were wrestling on the ground it was hard to see, so we had to look at the big screens for that part.

This guy was Kyle Keeney. He is supposed to be some "big time" local guy. I had never heard of him though. He won by anyone cares...hehe!

These were the 280 pounders. One guy was probably 280 the other guy was not. At one point the smaller guy picked up the huge guy up over his shoulder and slammed him on the ground. It was so loud and it looked painful. The big guy was winning most of the match but in the end he lost by tap out. Again...I am aware that no one cares but it was exciting.Co-main event with an "up and comer"...Nathan Coy. This was the main event of the evening and this guy below was some, big shot, MMA guy. Once again ,I had never heard of him...Mike Hayes. He was huge. He was actually losing the match in the first round but as soon as the round was over his opponent, Dan Krug, gave up and couldn't continue the fight. It looked as if he may have hurt his ribs. It was kind of a disappointing end to a great night of fighting. Oh well we still had a really good time.
Thanks for going with me John. I had such a great time and I love spending time with you.

I LOVE you. Happy (late) Father's Day.
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Auntie Romi said...

I can't believe my adorable, sweet little sister enjoys this stuff...I love you still and you looked so cute with John :-)