Saturday, July 25, 2009

Get It Out!!

The boys and John finally got to see Uncle Beau yesterday. They were very excited. The boys made him cards and gave him big hugs and kisses. His head was hurting pretty bad but he was in great spirits. I asked him if he was scared for his surgery on Monday and he said, "nope, I want this tumor out of my head". He is ready to alleviate some of his pain. He goes in at 5AM to check in and get another MRI. I am not sure exactly when his surgery will begin but we'll be there. Beau had another small seizure on Wednesday but he was at an appointment at the hospital. Thank goodness! He now has to take a higher dosage of the seizure medication. They showed Melissa what to do and what steps to take in case he has one at home. Let's hope he doesn't.
Beau getting love from mom.

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Deon said...

You and your family are in our thoughts and prayers today! Hopefully they are able to get most of it out! Lots of love to you all