Saturday, July 18, 2009

Grape Ball and Harry

We started our day at Celebration Park for a picnic. It was soooo HOT!!
There were only a few pouting episodes, which was great. Of course Gunnar was one of them. He was upset because he wanted string cheese. However, he never asked for it. I guess we were supposed to be mind readers.

The kids had a great game of "Grape Ball". A game made up by Malachi where you have to get a grape into your teammates mouth without letting it hit the ground. The team who gets the most grapes in there partners mouth...Wins!!

Good form Sophie!

Chi has a great target.

The three "little" boys playing. After the park it was time for Harry Potter...
That is a lot of kids...We took up almost an entire row at the theaters.
Dancing to the credits after the movie.

After the movies we headed to Malachi's game. It was still so HOT!

As we were sitting on the sidelines waiting for the game to start someone walked over and sprayed the entire bleachers with water. It was wonderful.

Gunnar and Romi got soaked because they were in the front row. Good thing Romi found a Barbie brush in her purse because she was able to fix her hair.

Gunnar was able to fix his hair, as well.

Gorgeous Malachi
Nice hit Chi!

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Stephanie said...

How did Gunnar like the movie?