Sunday, July 19, 2009

Pioneer Day Picnic

Sophie and Riley came with us for our yearly church Pioneer Picnic. The very first game was the three legged race. Riley and Sophie didn't hesitate to participate. They were the first to volunteer. Coby grabbed John and they were ready for the race.

Almost girls. It was so close.

Sophie won in a game the prophet used to play.

I am not sure what it is called but we had to pick our opponent up off of the ground.

Of course I beat Coby. He was way stronger than I anticipated though.


for the first time.

There was a watermelon eating contest but no one wanted to get a stomach ache so they stayed out of the competition. It looks like they would have had a pretty good chance though.

Gunnar was walking across the "icy river" like the pioneers had to. It was freezing!Tug of warPull Coby, Riley, and Soph.Gunnar spent well over an hour all by himself in this little river.The kids deciding if they wanted to go back in the cold ocean and
Chance with his friend Michael

Riley found this beautiful leaf covered with tiny little holes. She just had to bring it home.

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Jennifer said...

Looks like we missed out on some fun! Dang that naptime we had to get home for! Dangit!