Saturday, November 14, 2009

Go Huskies!

John and I got the amazing opportunity to go to a Huskies game on Saturday. I was so excited because I had never been to one.
Romi called on Saturday and asked if we were interested in some tickets. Are you kidding me? Of course. Dan's friend had some extra tickets so we got in for free...bonus! We had great seats when we first got to the game (there really aren't any bad ones in the Huskies facility) but we were far away from Romi and Dan. A few minutes into the game Dan called and said there were empty seats right in front of him. We wasted no time in heading down there.
We were so close to the floor. It was awesome!Coby was bummed that he wasn't going. He asked me to take some pictures of his two favorite players... Isaiah Thomas and Abdul Gaddy. He got the chance to meet them a few months ago at his basketball banquet.

John enjoying the game.

Isaiah attempting a free throw...he made both!

Abdul #10 and Isaiah #2
"Mr. Mohawk" sat in front of us. And, yes, that is his real hair. I wonder what one uses to get your hair to stand up like that.

The best part of the game was when someone on the other team fouled out. Our rowdy fans would stand up and shout "Left, Right, Left, Right. Left," etc. etc. as the player was taking steps and heading back to their bench. If he walked fast they would speed up and if he walked slow they would slow down so they were right in sink with his steps. As soon as the player got to his bench and sat down they would scream, as loud as they could, "SIT DOWN". It was awesome!

We had so much fun. Thank you Dan and Romi for thinking of us. I can't wait to go to another one.

Huskies killed Belmont 96 to 78!

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