Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Aunties, Shiveries, and Pasta

We finally got to see John's two Aunts. Aunt Melodee and Aunt Lori. As we were hugging and saying our hellos someone noticed that the three of us were very short. Come to find out we are all a whopping ...
5 foot 2 inches. Aunt Melodee played some exciting game with Gunnar. Here she is giving him the "shiveries" Gunnar called it. Then she blindfolded him and had him taste 5 or 6 different things. He had to guess what they were without looking.There was ketchup, peanut butter,
honey, butter, mayonaise, and beans...I think that was all. She said he got all of them right. Brave boy. Good job Gunnar!
Finally Dave arrived with his new fiance, Jen. We went out to dinner to the Pasta Factory.

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