Friday, November 6, 2009

Station 56

Mom's Night Out
Betsy~Jennifer~Jaime~Kendra~Beth~Donna~SusanKendra and Donna both had a birthday in the last few weeks. We wanted to celebrate with a night out. Donna thought of Station 56 in Tacoma. They had a live band and everything.
Susan, Beth , and DonnaBetsy, Kendra, meWe got there early for dinner and then stayed allll night.Kendra and I were loving our new shoes. Kendra had the darling peek-a-boo toe and I found these black boots at Ross. They remind me of 1800's fashion. I can imagine them under this dress... We danced the night away ...It was so much fun to have a night out.
Kendra and Donna on the dance floor!
Happy Birthday girls!!

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MommaDonna said...

This was SO much fun, you got to send me your pics!