Saturday, November 21, 2009

UFC 106

Tito Ortiz vs.
Forrest Griffin
I really love both of these guys but I decided to root for Forrest Griffin. That way (if he won) they could have a rematch since Tito won their first fight.
It is really hard to find couples to watch the fights with because most of the women don't like to watch them. I was so happy when Analisa and JD invited us out to see the fights. Yay!! Finally a girl to watch them with. Thank you Analisa.
I have heard about these fried pickles and I was so excited to try them.
They did not disappoint. They were very yummy.
Spoiler Alert:
I am about to say who won the fight so don't read further unless you want to know.
There were a lot of really good fights on the card but the most anticipated was Forrest vs. Tito.
In the very beginning I thought Tito was going to beat him... again.

In the third round it looked as if Tito was to tired to go on. I think he threw about two punches the entire round. Forrest, however picked up his game. I still wasn't sure who the decision was going to go to. I was thinking Forrest.

John and JD Analisa and Me
In the end Forrest WON by decision!!
I was very happy!

John and I had such a great time with JD and Analisa. Thank you so much for a fun night.


Auntie Romi said...

Jaime, thank you so much for the spoiler alert. That was a close one...LOL.

How are we sisters? This UFC thing really throws me. I love you still :-)

Analisa-creator of hairblingzcutethings said...

we keep talking about what a great time we had too....definitely need to hang out again!

The Watson's... said...

Jaime, I LOVE fried pickles!