Thursday, November 19, 2009

Chance vs. Taylor

Tonight I am going to see New Moon. I already have butterflies in my stomach, I'm so excited. One of the things I am most excited about is seeing Taylor Lautner who plays Jacob Black.
I LOVE him!! He is gorgeous.

However, there is one problem. And this is what it is...

This is Chance's yearbook.
Do you see my dilemma? Chance says all of the girls at his school call him Taylor. This can really ruin things for me. Here are just a few of the sentiments inside his yearbook...
H.A.G.S stands for: Have a great summer...who knew...not I. I don't see it.
O.K. they both have brown hair and brown eyes and a wider nose...but that is it.

All right girls...this is Taylor Lautner... and this is my little boy...

Though, I think Chance is gorgeous, as well, they are very, very different! Right?

Look at how crazy this is. (below) Has this EVER happened in movie history? Even Harry Potter didn't have this many show times...sold out, mind you!! Crazy! And this is just for the theater I'm going to.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon show times-
12:01am SOLD OUT
12:01am SOLD OUT
12:01am SOLD OUT
12:05am SOLD OUT
12:05am SOLD OUT
12:10am SOLD OUT
12:11am SOLD OUT
12:12am SOLD OUT
12:15am SOLD OUT
12:20am SOLD OUT

3:00am Available


Jessica said...

When is your next Twilight support group? ;) love ya! We're going Saturday afternoon to see it, as a kickoff to our entire-Saturday-alone-without-the-kids date :)

The Watson's... said...

Chance is very cute! I guess the girls his age already see his potential! :D

Jennifer said...

oh wow. i cant believe people are all over your little baby like that? oh my gosh. that is crazy. he is a cute little boy but come on! he is a little boy!!!!

Stephanie said...

However, Jaime, when you put the two pictures together I see a resemblence. Facially they actually have a lot of similarities. I can tell why as a mother you would be worried about that though- when I saw New Moon every time Taylor was on screen the girls went crazy. Tell Chance not to work out and go without his shirt and you should be okay.