Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Twilight Saga: New Moon

When Donna and I went to Twilight there was a bunch of us that went together. However, everyone chickened out for New Moon because they didn't want to go to the midnight showing. That didn't stop us though. Donna and I met at Ruby Tuesday for dinner at 7PM.

We had a little scare when Donna couldn't find the tickets where she thought she left them. She found them, though, and all was well!

This was the only poster in the theater so we had to settle for it.
I was hoping for a life size cutout...oh well.
When we arrived at the 9:00 showing of Twilight (at 8:00) there were already lines upon lines of people camped out for the midnight showing of New Moon. It was crazy. They came in pajamas with sleeping bags, dinner, card games, books, laptops, etc. etc. Donna and I did it the right way though. Instead of camping out for hours in the lobby we were able to sit in the theater watching Twilight and then we were able to sit in the same seats for New Moon. It was only $5.00 for the Twilight ticket and so worth every penny.
Ready for the movie to begin. We were getting so excited.
I loved every second of the movie. Jacob stole the show for sure and what I realized is that Edward is perfect for Bella but Jacob is perfect for me. I informed my husband, John, of this and he said he would have to see the movie for himself to be sure...he is such a great sport about it...poor guy. He does make fun of me, however. He reminds me, quite often, that Jacob Black/Taylor Lautner is only 17. True...true. He also reminds me that Edward is 17/100 and something. Thanks honey for the reminders.

We were still in the theater parking lot at this time...

I was so tired the next day but I am glad I saw the movie at midnight. Donna and I had so much fun and the movie was incredible.
I (still) LOVE Jacob!!

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Stephanie said...

I thought the crowd was hilarious whenever Edward showed up (especially without his shirt on). All the girls went crazy and one of my friends I went with kept saying outloud over and over (he's 17 Caitlyn, 17...17). So, there are many people that feel the same way.