Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Las Vegas at a Glance

For Thanksgiving this year we were headed to Utah to be with John's grandma and other family members.

Waiting to board. Gunnar was recovering from an ear infection so his doctor recommended we use
Ear Planes.
*Ear Planes relieve ear discomfort, clogging and popping with the exclusive CeramX™ filter that regulates air pressure naturally. They worked great for Gunnar and his ears didn't hurt at all. (In fact, we bought some for Chance for the plane ride home and he said they worked awesome and his ears didn't pop once. He was in pain on the way down.)
Our view from the plane...beautiful!It takes an hour and a half to drive from Las Vegas to St. George and about four hours to drive from Salt Lake to St. George. So, we flew into Vegas.
We landed in the Las Vegas airport and the boys thought it was crazy that there were slot machines inside the airport. They sat there for two seconds so I could get a picture before we got in trouble.

On the tram

Chance was adamant about seeing the Luxor. He said he learned about it at school and it is in one of his video games. He was so excited when we drove by it. We told him we might be able to walk inside on our way back home so he could see it in real life. He thought it was cool enough to see it from the outside, during the day. But what he didn't know is that we were actually going to stay there. Thanksgiving night. We wanted it to be a surprise. We told him we were staying at a Best Western by the airport.New York New York
Harley Davidson and Hard Rock Cafe

Gunnar loved Paris.

It was a quick drive through Vegas but we knew we would be back in just a few days.

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