Friday, November 20, 2009

Clark Kids (Poker) Night #7

Our last poker night was so much fun we decided to do it again.
Romi has played the least amount of poker between the four of us so when she finally won a big hand she got a "little" say the least.

Romi and her winnings!

We were all pretty impressed with Romi's high kick (after her big win). Except for Beau. He claimed he could do an even higher kick. None of us believed him. But he was determined to prove us wrong. After some


prepping, and serious

concentration... Beau blew us away with a super high kick that made it all the way up to Romi's outstretched hand. WOW! Shocked! Way to go Beau!!

After a while of playing someone was already out. Ian had a phenomenal hand and decided to go all in. Beau called, so they flipped their cards over for all to see. Ian had the flush...however, Beau had an even better hand with a full house.

What are the chance's of that?

Sorry Ian...
4th place goes to...3rd place... 2nd...

And the WINNER...

Romi wins our 2nd poker night!!

Good job!

Beginners luck, I say.