Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Snuggie, Cars, and Dice

We couldn't wait to see grandpa. Unfortunately, grandma was sick so she wasn't going to be able to join us for Thanksgiving. We were sad she couldn't come. Hopefully we will see her soon. We missed her.
Great grandma got Grandpa (her son) a new Snuggie. He loved it!And so did everyone else...

Chance was so excited to see his great grandma. He wasn't prepared, however, for how sad he was that great grandpa was no longer with us.
He gave Great Grandma big hugs , sat down on her couch and just cried. Later he told me that he was sad he didn't get to know him better and that he was sad great grandma was alone. He said it seemed like she really missed him. I, of course, shed a tear, as well, as we were looking at pictures of Grandma and Grandpa dancing together and looking so happy. Chance and I just hugged each other until Chance was feeling a little better. I told him that great grandpa was probably so happy to finally be with his son that he lost so many years ago. That seemed to make Chance feel a little bit better.

Seeing that Chance was so sad grandma gave him great grandpa's car collection. Chance was so happy to have something of his.

Gunnar and his great grandma, Yvonne.We know when we are with grandma we are going to play games and anyone who knows me knows I love to play games. I could play all day. She showed us this game played with dice called 10,000. It was really fun. My boys loved it, also.

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