Thursday, April 9, 2009


This was another of our Spring break adventures.

We headed to downtown Seattle and had so much fun. I took way to many pictures, it was ridiculous. I couldn't help myself.

Red Robin on the waterfront.

The dock...

Heading to the market.

On our way to Pike's Place Market I noticed this girl get out of her, very nice, vehicle.

I noticed right away that it was Kendra Todd. The girl that won the third season of

The Apprentice.

After she was inside the building John said, "look at that license plate".


It all made since after I told him who came out of the car.

The "gum wall".


yet fascinating.

We made it.

The "jumping" fish.


Chocolate pasta...gross!
The cheese factory

They had the best macaroni and cheese...ever!

We had seen a lot of people singing and playing instruments on the streets of Seattle but this guy was amazing. We hadn't given money to anyone but we couldn't just walk past this one. He was fantastic. He was playing some homemade drums and it sounded like he had a ton of different instruments with him. It was incredible.

We stopped by Nike Town.


John and Coby love honey so they HAD to buy some.

We couldn't leave without apples.

We had so much fun. I love spending a day like this with my wonderful family.

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