Sunday, April 12, 2009

7:45 PM Hunt

It was pouring down rain, all day, until we drove up to our house after Grandma's house.
We decided, at that point, to let the boys do the "real" Easter Egg hunt.

Each boy got to get 11 eggs. Coby and Gunnar found their 11 eggs but for some reason Chance couldn't find the very last egg. He was baffled.
I think the Easter Bunny started getting scared that she/he counted wrong.

Chance was getting mad. And to top it all off, he was getting dye on his hands. Horrible! What more could go wrong?Finally...EUREKA!!

It was in the milk box. Smart bunny.The boys eggs were very bright this year...I loved it!

Happy Easter!

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Deon said...

I don't know why it made me giggle that he got so mad, your boys are too cute and those eggs are bright!!