Friday, April 3, 2009

A Day at the Bank

Chance and Coby have been wanting to open a savings account for so long. I have just been putting it off. Finally, today, we did it. They both have been saving money and started out with a pretty good amount of cash.They were so excited and felt very mature. They get their cards in the mail in a few days and they just can't wait. Chance was so embarrassed that I made them get their picture taken. Sorry Chance. One day you will thank me.

They brought in all of their coins (they did have paper money, also) in a Ziploc baggy and the banker said, "you want to deposit that, as well?" I think we were probably his worst nightmares but Chance had $10.00 just in coins. We sat there at the bankers desk and counted out all of their pennies, nickles, dimes and quarters and put them in uniform stacks. Hey, it's money, right? People around us were laughing and I did feel a little bit bad for Sam, the banker, after I looked and saw the huge line forming at the bank...Sorry!

Congratulations boys.


MommaDonna said...

Totally understand, we just did this a few months ago with our kids. Go figure, Lauren had the most $ in hers, probably b/c the urge to spend isn't there yet! Are they saving for something when they get older?

Deon said...

Too funny! And poor Sam having to count out all the coin, Not really that is his job :) We started accounts for both kids when they were born Although I forget to put money in them

Tylertopia said...

That's awesome! You really shouldn't feel bad for the banker at all...You're teaching your boys such a wonderful lesson about responsible money management. :o)Hopefully those who were waiting in line saw the greatness in that! Endless coin counting is just an added bonus! hehe.