Friday, April 24, 2009

A Day at the Park

Mia and mom, Sharla (John's sister)Gorgeous JohnWe have a hilarious feature on our camera that turns a frown into a smile...kinda. We had such a good time taking pictures of everyone frowning and then making them smile. As you can see, it really distorts the entire picture. Funny!Like I said...we had fun.We were laughing so hard.
Ian and Gunnar had a great time playing together in the sand.
Ian got a brand new, blue, mohawk.
Basketball time. Between all the cousins they almost had enough players for a whole team.

We found this really neat tree and Gunnar started playing in it.
He would strike a pose and ask me to take a picture.

Eventually, we brought all of the kids over for a photo shoot.

Cousin Colton

John's brother James.
John's sisters are so beautiful.
Sharla and Gina.
Time to go.


MommaDonna said...

That's a funky tree, they must only grow where it's hot, I saw one on Jorge Garcia's blog in Hawaii. That smile feature on your camera is so bizzare, you should go to the zoo and try it on the animals!

Jennifer said...

That smile feature is hilarious! John's sisters are gorgeous!!!

Damien said...

I didn't know that cameras had a smile feature like that. That's pretty funny! I think that we all know that Photoshop can do just about anything. You should wash some of those pictures through the liquify filter and get creative with that.