Thursday, April 2, 2009

Chance and Ty

Chance was so excited that "he" was going to get to watch Tyler during his Spring Break. He saw me with the Baby Bjorn on (thank you Deon) and wanted to try it out immediately.Tyler is so cute and has the most amazing eyes.When I was holding Tyler in it he was happy and awake. As soon as Chance put it on he got tired and fell asleep right away.
Chance was in heaven.
...and I think Tyler was, too.
We love you baby Tyler!


Jennifer said...

Jaime that was the sweetest post! You captured his blue eyes! My camera makes them look brown!!! Tyler loves you and your family!

Tylertopia said...

Awwww! SO sweet! :o)

amie979 said...

Seriously is there anything cuter than a big boy taking care of a baby? It's so nice to see that they have a tender side too, at least that's how I feel when I see Ayden protecting his brothers

Auntie Romi said...

Wow, he is a gorgeous baby!!! Chance has always been so good with the little ones - he must get it from his mom. Tyler is lucky to have so many people adore him. I am glad you are loving it Jaime!

Deon said...

Too cute! He is so good with little ones. And I am glad you are able to use the Bjorn it was just sitting in the garage!!!