Thursday, April 23, 2009


Right after Outback we were talking outside with some of the family. All of a sudden I heard the most awful sound...EVER! My little boys head hitting the cement.

He wasn't crying that bad so I got him up real quick and just started rubbing his head. I figured he was going to have a nasty bump. It was dark outside of the restaurant so I didn't notice the blood all over his head and my hand until I felt something moist. I looked down and my hand was covered with blood. We brought Gunnar into the light and knew immediately that we were going to be headed to the ER.

Apparently, Gunnar was sitting on a ledge outside of Outback and he fell off. Instead of landing on his feet he landed on his head.

We had only been in Arizona for a few hours. And we hadn't even made it to our hotel room.

Waiting in the ER... Gunnar was tired and his head was starting to "hurt real bad".
Ouch Daddy!
We sat, and sat,

and satand sat.
He got bored and started taking pictures. CHEESE!
Then they washed his wound.
Four hours and two staples later...

You were such a brave boy Gunnar.

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