Friday, April 24, 2009


John and his brother David
We took about 10 pictures of the two of them because David kept closing his eyes...every time...except for these two shots.ColtonDillon
Uncle DavidWe called ahead for reservations but we still had to wait forever. We took advantage of the situation and took some great family shots. The girlsCousins
Nice hat Chance
Like I said...we sat for a long time.
Chance, Colton, Dillon
Cool dudes!
Chance was brave and tried some crab/shrimp/who knows thingy.
He didn't like it.


I ordered, what I thought, would be the safest thing on the menu. Chicken Noodle soup. Boy was I wrong.
Check out the size of my bowl...hilarious.
The kids wanted to see if the "smile feature" would work on more than one person at a time.YEP!!
Real smiles!Blue-eyed Eli

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amie979 said...

HAHA That bowl is ridiculous!!