Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What were we thinking?

We had the grand idea of going miniature golfing. As we walked up to the put put golf place we thought we had lucked out cause no one else was there...just us. How lucky are we? We were thinking that in the middle of summer this place would be crowded with people.
Clearly we hadn't thought of the fact that we were in Arizona in 110 degree weather. Who else would be stupid enough to go miniature golfing in that kind of weather? No one...JUST US!

Uncle Ted is giving pointers to Gunnar. Nice Coby. We aren't even sure how he managed this one...Look at the talent my husband has...He was mad but we thought it was hilarious!

Chance got the first hole-in-one.then Coby..then Gunn.At one point during our 18 holes of golf Gunnar said, "mom, can we go home? I seriously think I am dead right now."John and I both got a hole-in-one as well.Near the end of the game Ted was getting frustrated with his performance and started doing some backwards between the legs moves...very impressive.

We had a great time despite the fact we were all hot as heck.

John beat us all! Darn him.

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