Tuesday, July 6, 2010

In the Valley

After leaving my in-laws house we made out way to the "valley" (Chandler, Arizona) where John's two brothers live. It is about a three hour drive. Coby fell asleep immediately.Jane and Ted were kind enough to let us stay with them for a few days.
Jane got a new Jeep. Notice something odd?The steering wheel is on the right hand side. Apparently this was previously owned by a mailman. It was crazy to see her driving around in it. Later we had a BBQ at Dave's house.
Dave , Ted, and JohnTheir little dog, Franky, loved Chance. And Gunnar loved his new auntie Jenn. She was very pregnant and due to have baby Layla in just a few weeks. Gunnar wanted to get a picture next to Jenn's belly so when he saw her again he could get a picture by the baby. He had plan.

I love to see how happy John is when he is with his brothers. They all get along so well and they have the same voices and mannerisms. It's kinda crazy. The awesome thing is I LOVE my two sister-in-laws. I wish we lived closer.

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