Friday, July 23, 2010

Camping at Manchester State Park

As we were packing up to go camping for the first (and only) time this summer Gunnar informed me that he had an ear infection. We called the doctor and were able to sneak into the office before we headed out of town. Sure enough...another ear infection. I am glad he realized it before we left. Poor baby. We got to the campsite just before dark so John had to hurry and pitch the tent.We were so happy to be camping with friends. The Miles and Walks.
Jenn, me, AnalisaMy favorite part of camping is sitting around the fire at night and having smores.
Chance, Analisa, JD, and CobyAt 10:00 sharp we all got in trouble for laughing and talking to loud. Apparently they have a very strict quiet hours policy-which includes a fine and/or eviction (both of which we were threatened with).We tried to be quiet but it was very difficult. We literally had to whisper. Oh well. We had fun anyway.

Analisa introduced us to smores with Andes Mints...yummy!

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