Saturday, April 10, 2010

teriyaki and menchie's

John had the great idea of going out to dinner the other night. Chance was at his friends house so it was just me, John, Coby and Gunnar. He has wanted to get teriyaki for a long time but I don't like it so he never gets to eat it if I'm around. Well, I wasn't that hungry so I said we could go. He was so happy and so was Coby. Coby loves it as well.However, Gunnar felt the same way about it that I did...He was not happy about it until he ate a few of these "yummy little meat stuffed in a weird shell thingies". He was a little bit happier after a few of those. And come to find out, teriyaki isn't half bad. I actually liked it. Go figure.
Aunt Romi took the boys to a yogurt place called menchie's. They have been begging us to go ever since. Gunnar was such a good sport about the teriyaki that we said we could go after dinner.
Step 1: pick your flavor
John and Coby couldn't decide what flavor of yogurt to get. They have so many different kinds.
Step 2: choose your toppings
they have so many different toppings that it is almost overwhelming. Gunnar couldn't decide between rainbow or chocolate sprinkles. In the end he went with both.Coby went with sour gummy worms, kiwi, and strawberries. John decided to go with hot fudge, butterfinger bits and...oh, I can't remember. Let me just say that he literally had a stomach ache many toppings.
Step 3: weigh your yogurt

Step 4: pay and enjoy!I went with cake batter yogurt and strawberry topping.

If you have never been...GO!! It is delicious.

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