Friday, April 16, 2010

Egg Drop 2010

Mrs. Sharp and Principal Blix getting ready for the big drop. Look out below...Gunnar was a little nervous.

There were a few casualties before we even made it back to class. SPLAT!!
Oh No!!
(Don't tell him this but I think he may have broke it while he was getting it out. He was not very gentle because he was so excited. Poor baby.)His egg didn't make it this year. He was pretty bummed out but he's excited to try something different next year. Gunnar cut a Nerf football in half (almost), took out some of the filling, wrapped his egg in bubble wrap, then put the stuffing back in. I thought for sure his egg would make it.
He was already telling me what we should have done differently. I let him do everything totally by himself (except for the cutting). I thought he might cry but he had a good attitude about it.

Next up...Coby's egg. He did the same thing as Gunnar, just with a basketball instead.
His friends cheering him on.
Jack, Drew, and "girlfriend" Malia
Let's see Coby... YIPPEE!!

His egg made it.
He got to mark it on the board. He was thrilled.
I went back to Gunnar's class to help out and his friend Miranda was crying because she was so happy that her egg made it. But then, she dropped it on the floor. Poor girl she cried the rest of the school day.

The boys had a great time with their projects this year. I wonder what they will do next year?!?


Auntie Romi said...
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Auntie Romi said...

That was the best post ever Jai. I was cracking up through the whole thing!!! You are such a great writer because I felt like I was right there. So hilarious about the little girl! Kids are so adorable, especially yours.