Friday, April 9, 2010

Clark Kids Night #11

We planned our night out and then realized..last minute...that Ian wasn't going to be able to join until about 9:00PM . We decided to go ahead and go out to eat, catch a movie, then meet up with him later. We started out night at Applebee's.We had an awesome server but Beau said he was only going to leave her a $1.00 tip. He apparently thought it was pretty funny...Romi convinced him to leave more but she wanted him to show her he wasn't only leaving a lousy buck. So he left two lousy bucks.
Seeeee? We had a total fiasco at the theater. About half an hour into the movie the sound completely goes off. The movie is running but we can't hear anything. I get up to go tell someone and 15 minutes later we decide to leave. They can't rewind it and we have already missed a ton of the movie. Long, long, long story short...after speaking with multiple rude managers and employee's we finally get our $10 back and a coupon for another movie.
Stupid Regal. I'm sticking with Century from now on.
The good thing was we were able to meet up with Ian...back at Applebee's for dessert. (Don't worry we went to a different one.)
Hey Romi and Beau? How is your dessert?I thought Ian and I actually looked like we may be related in this picture. Romi and Beau let me know I was wrong. What do you think?

I could never explain to you how happy I am to have these guys in my life. They are


Love you!

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