Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Gunnar's Double Play

I promise I will not post pictures from every single one of Gunnar's games.
(These will be the least for a while.)
Gunnar makes an adorable catcher. In t-ball every kid on the team gets to bat each inning whether there are three outs or not. However, there are never three outs in t-ball. When you are catcher your biggest job is to wait for the last batter and then tag out all of the players coming home. This is very exciting. Gunnar was a little confused because there were two home plates. It looks as if he was going to let everyone score and then try to tag them out..hmmmmm.
Good job Gunn.

Looking good on third base. Gunnar played in the pitcher position. He got so many great plays. He would quickly get the ball then throw it to Paige on first base. They got a lot of kids out. The best play of the game, however, was when the kid from the other team hit the ball and Gunnar actually caught it. He caught it! He then proceeded to throw it to first base and the kid on first base got out as well. Gunnar got a double play. In t-ball. That doesn't happen in t-ball. It was so exciting. The fans went wild.

Good job Gunnar. You're getting good!

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