Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter @ Grandma's

Coby, Chance, Malachi,
Sophie, Piper, Gunnar, Isaiah, and LucasGunnar asking Uncle Dan if he would like some Pixie Stix...Every holiday we never fail to get a picture of Dan like this...SistersBrothersReady for the hunt?This year my mom had the big kids help out the little kids. Malachi was helping Isaiah, Chance was helping Gunnar,
Sophie was helping Piper...and Coby was helping Lucas.I love the fact that you can see Beau and Melissa on the sidelines with their cameras/video dang cute.Piper thinking really hard,
"hmmmmmm, where can I find my next egg?"

Got it!!

This year all of the eggs were filled with $$money$$.

(The funny thig is, Grandma put money in the eggs, mainly for the big kids...but guess who made the most money in the end? The very youngest grandchild...PIPER!)

John was helping Gunnar count his.

After the big kids helped the little ones they got to hunt for eggs themselves. Grandpa wanted to see if Chance's hands were bigger than his...YEP! Way bigger than grandma's.Malachi "going in" for the tickle fest.Sophie is getting so old and she is as beautiful as ever. I love her!Coby trying to stand up to grandpa...It didn't work out to well for him. Grandpa can still take him.The people responsible for all of this craziness... My amazing parents.

We had a great Easter. I have the best family in the world. We are so lucky!

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