Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Morning

Coby got a basketball outfit and shoes. Gunnar got Playmobil toys, clothes, and a movie.
Chance got a Ozzie Osbourne tableture book, This Is It movie, and clothes.
Every Easter we do two egg hunts. The first one is inside with plastic eggs filled with candy.
Ready to start their search... The Easter Bunny went a little crazy this year and hid 160 eggs. Silly rabbit.

Each boy got to find 40 eggs. They couldn't believe it.

They were a lot harder to find this year so while Chance and Gunnar looked through their eggs(after already finding 40) Coby continued to search... and search...and search.

Next up was the hunt outside. My favorite.Again, the Easter Bunny was a little sneakier.

Chance found the one in the mailbox...

and the one in the dirt.

Gunnar found the egg in the weed/flower bed.

I'm not sure why I let Gunnar wear Santa pajama's to bed on Easter. Please forgive me.

Gunnar found the egg in the milk box.

They each got to find 12 eggs outside. Eventually, Coby was the only one who needed to find eggs.

John tried to help...

and so did Chance.

Aha... got one!

Finally Coby found the last egg (with the help of his brothers).

Gunnar thought it would be hilarious if I ate the ears off his chocolate bunny and he had to get a picture of it.

I loved Gunnar's addition to my Easter decor this year... These are John's grandparents. Walter and Muriel Ward. I never met his grandpa but I met his grandma and she was an amazing woman. I am so grateful Jesus died for us and was resurrected. It is incredible that someday they too will be resurrected, along with all of us, because of His amazing sacrifice.

Happy Easter!

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