Monday, May 11, 2009

Science Fair Project

Supplies: 3 different kinds of bags and 4 bananas.

Question: What is the best way to preserve a banana?
left on the counter with no bag
in a Ziploc bag -$3.00?
Hefty Fresh Extend -$3.00?
or Debbie Meyer Green Bags -$9.00?

Chance and Hunter were next to each other during the Science fair.
Chance had to stand by his project and explain to people passing by what he did and what his results were. After people heard his spiel he had them sign a piece of paper. He had to get at least 25 signatures. For extra credit he could try for 50 signatures. He went for the extra credit and got all 50 signatures.

Answer: the best way to preserve a banana is in a Hefty Fresh Extend bag.

Even though Chance interviewed 2 different people from two different fruit stands and both of them said the best way to preserve a banana was to leave it on the counter... after 5 days, Chance discovered that the banana that lasted the longest and had the least amount of brown spots was the one in the Hefty bag. Surprised?

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Deon said...

Sweet! I always wanted to try the green bags but didn't want to pay for them if they weren't going to work I will just buy the hefty bags thanks Chance!!!