Saturday, May 16, 2009

Day 2 in Yakima

The guys were sad by the previous nights losses... but today was a new day. Right?
Here they are waiting to load up in the bus and head out for a day of basketball.
Trevar, Steffan, Zakhari, and Coby Coby and Tavian
Self portrait of me and Gunn. We had to wait forever and we were getting a little bored.We waited and waited... we started out strong.But by the final quarter we were tied.
Gunnar was a hit with the younger siblings because he was the only one who brought toys, movies, and snacks. They were watching Star Wars.
Final timeout with 6 seconds to go in the game. We were down by 3.Final score...Still down by 3.

The boys were so sad. They just couldn't pull off the win. Coach Eric was trying to cheer them up...or was he yelling at them? I'm not sure.

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