Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Gunn and Ty

Gunnar doesn't ask that often to hold Tyler but when he does he finds it necessary to have his picture taken. I am glad because they look so handsome.
Tyler is such a sweetheart and we love having him in our home. We feel very blessed to have him in our lives.
I was originally concerned (a tiny bit) that Gunnar wouldn't like having the competition of my attention with a new baby coming over a few days a week but...I couldn't have been more wrong. Gunnar loves Tyler and has never once acted frustrated or irritated when he is over.

Jenn and Erik you two made one adorable, funny, sweet, handsome, lovable boy!


Jennifer said...

Aww you are so sweet! Those pictures are adorable--Gunnar is SUCH a handsome boy. I love how you can see Tyler's vaseline on his face in one of the pix---tribute to mom's obsession with getting rid of cradle cap once and for all.

Tyler loves you and loves his time with you. Thanks for all the attention you give him!

Deon said...

Gunnar is so sweet!! Love that he wants you to take his photos for your blog!!