Friday, May 29, 2009 the word!

John and Dan got me and Romi Grease tickets for Mother's Day.
The big day had arrived and we were so excited.

Our first stop was The Cheesecake Factory.

The men got some delicious drinks.


Mango, Tropical Juices and a Hint of Coconut Blended with Ice and Swirled with Raspberry Puree

Then it was time for the show.

Taylor Hicks played the "Teen Angel".

Can you tell I was a little excited for the show to start?

It was soooo good. I loved every minute of it! It was a little difficult to refrain from belting out the songs though. We had wonderful seats. Thank you so much Dan.

What a wonderful evening.


Stephanie said...

I'm so jealous! Grease is my favorite, And, I'm sure you had tons of fun, especially with Taylor Hicks in it!

amie979 said...

Did you get yelled at for taking pictures in the theatre? We did:( I am not a Taylor Hicks fan but he did a great job at being perfectly corny.

Deon said...

I totally love GREASE I didn't know it was coming