Saturday, May 16, 2009

Go Panthers

On their way to the last "battle".
Willie and Eric in the back seat. Zekhi, Coby, Zakhari, and kissing Isaiah.The boys were defeated in their last game. Again, they lost by (I think) 3 or 4. It was, by this point, devastating. They lost every single one of their games. The sad thing is, they shouldn't have. They were a lot better than a lot of the teams they faced. I don't know what happened. We have one more tournament in Portland. Hopefully that will go better. After the boys were done with all of their games I thought we were going to start our 3 hour drive home. I was wrong. The high school Panthers were still in the championships and so we went and watched their semi-final game. They WON!! So we stayed and watched the championship game. The were victorious and won the entire tournament.It was very exciting to watch and it was cute because they let our little boys sit on the bench with them. They had the same exact uniforms. By this time Gunnar was tired of all of the toys he brought and he had already watched all of his movies. Thank goodness he found a friend.
All in all the boys had a fun time and the weekend ended well with the older Panthers winning the championships.
Maybe we will in Portland. I'll cross my fingers.

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