Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

We started the day in my parents ward. My dad was asked to give a talk and he, in turn, asked Romi and I to say a few words. (Thanks dad.) My dad's talk was very touching and everyone was crying. He said some beautiful things and made it a wonderful sacrament.
It was nice to be with my mom on Mother's Day. I talked about some of the important things my mother is to me and then I read this ...
The Images of Mother
4 YEARS OF AGE - "My mommy can do anything!"
8 YEARS OF AGE - "My mom knows a lot! .... a whole lot!"
12 YEARS OF AGE - "My mother doesn't really know quite everything."
14 YEARS OF AGE - "Naturally .... mother doesn't know that, either."
16 YEARS OF AGE - "Mother? She's, hopelessly, old-fashioned."
18 YEARS OF AGE - "That old woman? She's way out of date!"
25 YEARS OF AGE - "Well, she might know a little bit about it!"
35 YEARS OF AGE - "Before we decide, let's get mom's opinion."
45 YEARS OF AGE - "Wonder what mom would have thought about it?"
65 YEARS OF AGE - "Wish I could talk it over with mom."
After church we had a "photo shoot".

I can not believe how spoiled I was this year. Gunnar gave me a handmade bookmark, a medal for being a #1 MOM and a beautiful card he made all by himself. Coby gave me a coupon for helping out in the yard and together the boys, including John, got me American Idol tickets and tickets to see Grease, live on stage. I am so excited.
Thank you so much for all of my gifts. I love you so much!!My mom is the best mom...ever. Most Mother's Days we go over to Romi's house for dessert. This year we had brownies and ice cream, chocolate chip cookies and lemon cake. Delicious! Beau and Dad

The men preparing our desserts and taking our orders.

The girls

PiperHappy Mother's Day Grandma!


Deon said...

Looks like you had a great mothers day! Love the photos!

amie979 said...

When are you going to Grease? We are going tomorrow matinee. Maybe we'll see you there if you are sitting in the nosebleed section hahha. Is that you sister and brother in law at the church photo shoot? They look so familiar do they live in Federal Way? Maybe they used to be customers at The UPS Store when I was working there??