Saturday, January 23, 2010

Skating, Basketball, Vampires, and Wolverine

We had a fun filled weekend.

On Friday I took Coby to skate night with his friend Drew.
He had to have these awesome glasses...
Drew, Coby, Max, and Elijah

Pattison's West has changed a bit since I was a kid. Now if you don't get in-line aren't cool. So even though Coby felt like he had two broken ankles, he refused to change into the brown and orange roller skates that I used when I was a kid. It hurts to be cool...I guess.
I mean really...what is so bad about these...HA!

Chance had an awesome game on Saturday. He is doing amazingly well. They won!

Gunnar and Isaiah love to play together at the games. They would be so bored without each other.After Chance's game we had a few hours to burn before Sophie's game so as Gunnar was on his way to Isaiah's house to play...John and I took Coby and Chance to the movies.

Chance, Coby and I have been reading the Cirque Du Freak book series so when we saw that The Vampire's Assistant was playing at the $2 theater we couldn't pass it up. The movie was very different from the books so I was a little disappointed but it was still was o.k. John didn't love it.

Sophie had a great game. Her team killed the other team and Sophie's shot is beautiful.

After Sophie's game the kids played around on the court. Gunnar has never showed any interest in basketball but he was having a great time. He was "dribbling" and even attempting shots. He told us he wants to play next year. I must admit, I am surprised. Out of all of my boys he has shown the least interest in sports. I am excited though because Uncle Dan will be his coach and he can be on a team with his cousins, Isaiah and Lucas.

After playing he was so sweaty that he was able to give himself a brand new hairdo...

I think it looks a lot like this guys...

We had a great weekend. I love spending time with my family.

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