Saturday, January 2, 2010


John and I were at Jenn and Erik's house playing games the other night. We started talking about Avatar and before we knew it (after Jenn called a babysitter and we frantically called theaters to find a showing that wasn't sold out) we found ourselves sitting in the theater. We had to wait about an hour in line to be sat so we had plenty of time to get ourselves acquainted to the 3D glasses.
Jenn and I were twins in our matching vests. We could only find a 10:20PM show that wasn't sold out. CRAZY!! The crazy thing is, John and I had already seen it but we hadn't see it in 3D. We both loved it the first time. In fact, as I was leaving the theater the first time I was already planning on seeing it again but in 3D. We really wanted to see it in IMAX but they were all...all...all sold out. With popcorn and candy in hand we headed into the theater.

Avatar is amazing. I was totally blown away...once again (especially in 3D).

There isn't another movie out there to compare Avatar to. I loved every bit of it. Truly, another world was created. I want to live on Pandora.

Go watch it! The hype is not unfounded.

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