Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy Days "Gig" #3

Chance had another show at Happy Days. Each time they perform they are better than the time before. They are so fun to watch.My dear friend, Kendra, came with her entire family. It was so nice of them and Chance was very grateful.
Her son, Bennett, and Gunnar had a few issues with all the noise.After Chance played his first set (and a few other bands played), Paul, the director of Chance's music association stood up on stage and announced some birthdays. One of the girls who was celebrating had "only one wish" for her birthday. That wish was to get a hug from Chance. "The guitarist for Society's Voice", she said. Chance was so embarrassed when he had to get up on stage. But he gave her her wish and fled off the stage. It was so cute.Chance's girlfriend, Carolina, was there but she didn't mind.
She was rather embarrassed, however, when I tried to take her picture.Coby brought a friend and they got to play some pool.Society's Voice closed the night out with some loud/obnoxious music. The crowd was having a blast. There was a group of girls dancing and then before we knew it there was a posh pit. The crowd was crazy but the boys loved it.

What a night!

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Auntie Romi said...

Awesome job Chance. We are so proud of you! are in trouble. He looks like a rock star.