Friday, January 29, 2010


Coby had a game on Wednesday and it was his best game so far this year. He was on fire. He made a ton of baskets and he had incredible steals and blocks.
I took pictures, of course, but they didn't turn out in the gym.
They won by a lot.
Chance's game on Saturday was great. He is on a fabulous team with the nicest boys.
#12, Carston is 6ft 2 (I think). Chance is about 5ft 5. It is hilarious to see them side by side on the court.They were winning by over 40 points so they finally turned off the scoreboard in the middle of the game to put the other team out of their misery. Chance played awesome defense.
Grandma giving Chance some pointers...Why do you look so confused grandpa? Was it the reffing?I don't know if you can tell from Gunnar's facial expression but he was smiling so big.
He loves his grandpa.
Grandpa had three boys in his arms right here...Gunnar, Dustin, and Isaiah.Nice shot Chance!!

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