Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

Today, Gunnar had his first field trip of his kindergarten career.
They were headed to the pumpkin patch at Maris Farms.
It was so exciting to ride the bus. He was thrilled to be in Owen's group and was super happy to sit by him on the bus. They arrived at the pumpkin patch and had to listen to the spiel.
Gunnar got to sit between Miranda and McKayla. NICE!

This was our little group...
Gunnar, McKayla, and Owen. BOO!! Tractor races...Gunnar and Ayden

Playing in the corn! Gunnar's favorite part.Cow ride!
The Tube
Feeding the goats and the corn maze.

To get to the corn maze we had to walk by the pumpkin patch. The kids were already eying which pumpkins they wanted. They had rows upon rows of beautiful pumpkins.
However, after we made it to the end of the maze we had to follow the sign to the "field trip pumpkin patch"...
Are you kidding me?
This is what the kids had to choose from. What a Rip off! What are they supposed to do with these and what did my $12.50 pay for? Certainly not a pumpkin. Hmmm!Mrs. Sharp's kindergarten class.Beautiful Mt. Rainier I am so glad I got to go to the pumpkin patch with Gunnar. Though, the pumpkins were a bit of a disappointment we still had a wonderful time.


idmom3 said...

That pumpkin is hysterical. I feel bad for Gunnar and all the other kids though. I would have been like, are you kidding me? Good Times!!

Suzanne said...

that place looks awesome... we really need to go there! that's a really cute picture of the two of you!

Jennifer said...

Are you serious? $12.50? You should get 12 pumpkins of that size!!!! What a rip off.

That pic of you and Gunnar is adorable!

Deon said...

Super cute photos!! Looks like they had a blast, I think it is funny that field trup pumpkins are always smaller but those are by far the smallest I have ever seen!!! You can get those for lik e.50 cents at the store!!!